Education / Training

At Anything Could Happen® – we are your guides, trainers, coaches and consultants to living the life that you have always desired. We have three different packages available for purchase.

Below is an overview

Anything Could Happen®  Life Coaches are trained to coach and mentor you on LIFE! We will help you to create the transformations you are seeking by taking a future-orientated approach in designing your life. As with coaching or working with a personal trainer- Your Life Coach is trained to pull out the potential within you. Imagine working with your very own coach to achieve your life plans, professional goals or having someone walk through life situations together. Coaches are experts in developing their client’s strengths, talents, potential and finding possibilities. We believe only you know what is best for yourself and we help you claim your power to find happiness and balance. Our personal and collective coaching programs are designed around what will give you optimal growth and what will be the best in getting the most from your life. Whether it is finding your inner voice, ramping up your career, reducing stress, moving through loss, helping to build self-esteem, or getting clarity we can adjust to exactly where you are in life. There is nothing you cannot shift. You are capable of so much more than you know or are currently creating.
Coaching clients seek to create permanent shifts for a higher level of living in various areas.

Including but not limited to:

Personal Goals
Relationships (Fulfillment, Divorce, Regaining Identity & Finding Fun)
Time Management
After College Direction
Teen Issues
Work-Life Balance
Stress Reduction
Health, Weight Loss (Self Care)
Life Transitioning
Retirement, or New Parent Roles, loss of a loved one
Professional Goals
Getting a Promotion
Work Fulfillment
Starting a Business
Discovering Career Path
Family Business
Renewed Purpose